Spring Updates!

Kathy will be at the Memorial Day Festival following the parade on Monday, May 29, at Baker Park!  Stop by to check out new jewelry and some of her other creations or pick up an item or two!

Items that Phoenix helped create!

New jewelry!

Paper quilling and needle felting!



Needle Felting

What is needle felting?


Carded wool is used to make felt.  There is needle felting and wet felting, which uses soap and water.  Kathy specializes in needle felting.  Felting can be 2-dimensional (flat) or 3-dimensional (see picture above of green bear and picture below).  Roving is combed, unspun wool that is very soft.  Needle felting can add embellishment or extra dimension to other items.  Contact Kathy about any special requests but please keep in mind that this art is a bit tedious and time-consuming.  Of course, Kathy would be happy to teach it to you, as well!

felting misc


Future Plans and Ideas

I have many exciting plans in the works for my Studio!  I specialize in unique forms of art techniques, such as macrame and paper quilling but still enjoy the traditional art forms of sketching, painting, and watercolors.  I’d be happy to teach any of these to you.


Watch for a Christmas Open Housel!

I have also donated my time and skill for a super-secret project with the Henry County Historical Society so keep an eye out for that this holiday season.

I have one-of-a-kind hand-crafted jewelry for sale in my gallery, along with quilling and needle felted pieces.  Contact me if you’d like to order something special.

Now is the time to put in your order for a handmade Santa Claus!  You must see him in person at the studio, then plan to order your own.


Finally, a family member of mine had surgery recently.  There will be some time this fall when I’m unavailable.  Please watch here, as well as my other social media sites, for updates.

Thank you! Hope to see you soon!