Halloween Open House~Kathy’s Ready, Are You?

This Saturday, October 15, visit the Woman In The Moon Art Studio between 5 p.m. and 9 p.m. for EEK…an eerie evening with Kathy!  Kathy is holding a special give-away…to enter, just stop by and sign up!  You won’t need to be present to win.


For the past month, Kathy has been working tirelessly on unique Halloween decor for your home and self that is fun, functional, and one-of-a-kind!  Also very affordable as her Halloween creations will not be priced over $25!!  Her artwork includes small items such as broomstick pencils, a googly-eyed hand mirror, and witches’ potions to witches’ and wizards’ hats, wreaths, and even spooky shoes and a clock!  Going to the Masquerade Ball and need a mask?  You won’t find any masks like these at commercial stores!  Kathy’s got you covered!  Check these out:

wp_20161010_18_07_44_pro__highres wp_20161010_18_05_38_pro__highres

wp_20161010_18_08_00_pro__highres wp_20161010_18_06_31_pro__highres

wp_20161010_18_08_37_pro__highres wp_20161010_18_42_44_pro__highres

wp_20161010_18_05_18_pro__highres wp_20161010_18_42_33_pro__highres

Here are a few more new items Kathy has created and don’t forget to check out the previous posts to view Kathy’s other works of art!

wp_20161010_18_08_52_pro__highres …needle-felted legs!

wp_20161010_18_43_32_pro__highres wp_20161010_18_43_39_pro__highres wp_20161010_18_10_40_pro__highres wp_20161010_18_43_48_pro__highres wp_20161010_18_07_02_pro__highres

Guess who else is ready and waiting? BONES!!


Hope to see you Saturday! Happy Halloween!



Future Plans and Ideas

I have many exciting plans in the works for my Studio!  I specialize in unique forms of art techniques, such as macrame and paper quilling but still enjoy the traditional art forms of sketching, painting, and watercolors.  I’d be happy to teach any of these to you.


Watch for a Christmas Open Housel!

I have also donated my time and skill for a super-secret project with the Henry County Historical Society so keep an eye out for that this holiday season.

I have one-of-a-kind hand-crafted jewelry for sale in my gallery, along with quilling and needle felted pieces.  Contact me if you’d like to order something special.

Now is the time to put in your order for a handmade Santa Claus!  You must see him in person at the studio, then plan to order your own.


Finally, a family member of mine had surgery recently.  There will be some time this fall when I’m unavailable.  Please watch here, as well as my other social media sites, for updates.

Thank you! Hope to see you soon!