Frightfully Fancy Finds!

You will certainly be in for a treat when you see what Kathy has whipped up for Halloween!  These creations must be seen in person!

wp_20160926_19_23_58_pro wp_20160926_19_27_07_pro

wp_20160926_19_59_50_pro__highres Broomstick pencils! wp_20160926_19_22_27_pro

wp_20160926_19_22_07_pro Hydrangea and sweet annies!

wp_20160926_20_02_01_pro wp_20160926_19_26_46_pro wp_20160926_19_19_25_pro wp_20160926_19_20_48_pro

wp_20160926_19_26_57_pro__highres Tick tock!

wp_20160926_19_28_18_pro wp_20160926_19_21_12_pro wp_20160926_19_17_17_pro

wp_20160926_19_20_35_pro Kathy didn’t forget Wizards!

wp_20160926_19_28_47_pro wp_20160926_19_27_38_pro wp_20160926_19_23_45_pro wp_20160926_19_22_17_pro wp_20160926_19_19_35_pro wp_20160926_19_19_07_pro wp_20160926_20_21_11_pro

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