New Year and Updates!

2017 has rung in, and Kathy has been working to update her studio hours for the year.  After taking a short break to recharge after the holidays, she is ready to reopen and has lots of neat ideas for the year!

The studio will be open from 2-5 p.m. on Saturdays.  For $5/hour, you can come up and work on your own project if you need the space and good lighting.  You may leave your unfinished project understanding that there are no guarantees as to its condition or you can take your project home.

Watch for news regarding upcoming Easter workshops!


An example of a WIP (work in progress):

wp_20170125_20_07_13_proa Kathy’s hearts

wp_20170211_17_21_52_pro__highres Kathy’s water color and Amanda’s attempt at a heart!

wp_20170211_16_32_55_pro__highres Kathy showing her grandson Phoenix how to paper quill!

Last Chance Halloween!

The EEK! Halloween Open House at the Woman In The Moon Art Studio was a great time!  Halloween is right around the corner, but there is still time left if you need to make any last-minute purchases!

Kathy will be at her studio on Wednesday, October 26, from 5-7 p.m.  Hats $10!  Wreaths $15!  All other Halloween half off!  Treats for the kids!


I ain’t afraid of no ghosts! Not with my Uncle Boo to protect me!


Kathy hard at work, last-minute tasks to create perfection!

halloweenoh9 halloweenoh10 halloweenoh6

halloweenoh14 halloweenoh16



Halloween Open House~Kathy’s Ready, Are You?

This Saturday, October 15, visit the Woman In The Moon Art Studio between 5 p.m. and 9 p.m. for EEK…an eerie evening with Kathy!  Kathy is holding a special give-away…to enter, just stop by and sign up!  You won’t need to be present to win.


For the past month, Kathy has been working tirelessly on unique Halloween decor for your home and self that is fun, functional, and one-of-a-kind!  Also very affordable as her Halloween creations will not be priced over $25!!  Her artwork includes small items such as broomstick pencils, a googly-eyed hand mirror, and witches’ potions to witches’ and wizards’ hats, wreaths, and even spooky shoes and a clock!  Going to the Masquerade Ball and need a mask?  You won’t find any masks like these at commercial stores!  Kathy’s got you covered!  Check these out:

wp_20161010_18_07_44_pro__highres wp_20161010_18_05_38_pro__highres

wp_20161010_18_08_00_pro__highres wp_20161010_18_06_31_pro__highres

wp_20161010_18_08_37_pro__highres wp_20161010_18_42_44_pro__highres

wp_20161010_18_05_18_pro__highres wp_20161010_18_42_33_pro__highres

Here are a few more new items Kathy has created and don’t forget to check out the previous posts to view Kathy’s other works of art!

wp_20161010_18_08_52_pro__highres …needle-felted legs!

wp_20161010_18_43_32_pro__highres wp_20161010_18_43_39_pro__highres wp_20161010_18_10_40_pro__highres wp_20161010_18_43_48_pro__highres wp_20161010_18_07_02_pro__highres

Guess who else is ready and waiting? BONES!!


Hope to see you Saturday! Happy Halloween!